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Michelle Koeth michelle at codeforamerica.org
Mon Oct 17 11:52:55 PDT 2011

Hey everyone,

The cards look good to me. I don't think we have any Chinese speaker
resources on our end, so we'll go with the translation that you all have
been able to come up with. If you could also have your Chinese programmer
checkout the chinese copy on the website, and let us know if any of it
should be changed, that would be great too.

My outstanding to-do's include making an "About Us" page where I'll also put
links to our discuss group, and to the Beehive article on why it is
important to eat healthy. I feel like the main page is getting a bit busy
now with text, so I'd like to use the About Us page to have these kinds of
"extra" reference links and copy.

It should be noted that our telephony platform, Tropo, is a development
account. Therefore, with the rollout of the pilot, we may max out the "free"
developer account limitations. This may result in service outages if too
many people text the number at once. We can do a "wait and see" if this
becomes a problem, and if so, upgrade to a production account - the pricing
is listed here - https://www.tropo.com/pricing/, for our needs, it will be a
flat $3 a month + 1 cent for every inbound and outbound message. Let me know
what you all think about the anticipated demand, and whether we should
upgrade. On my end, I'll send an email to our contact at Tropo and let him
know our plans, and what his suggestion would be.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Vakil Kuner <vakil.kuner at sfgov.org> wrote:

> All,
> I'm ready to print the cards.  They have been reviewed by my one Chinese
> programmer and by the CalFresh staff.  Arthur is ready for a go - can I get
> someone from CFA to weigh in?   If I hear this week we can launch in early
> November.
> My other action item was getting pantry locations from the SF Food Bank.
>  They do not have pantries on their web site.  I spoke to the director of
> programs and while he liked the idea, he thought many of the pantries are
> overwhelmed now and would not appreciate more business.  He said he would
> discuss it but since then there has been silence so I think their answer is
> no.
> Vakil
> Vakil Kuner
> Director / CIO -  Information Technology
> Human Services Agency
> 415-557-6010
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